1515 Marbles…


I read a few month back that in order to appreciate how valuable time in our lives is we should calculate how many weeks we have left until we turn 75. Assuming I live to 75, I have 1515 weeks left to live. The advice continued to suggest you buy marbles for each week you have left to live and place them in a jar of some sort. Then each Saturday, you should remove a marble from the jar and throw it away.

This Saturday was the day after I turned 46 and it was the second week i removed a marble from the jar. When I counted up the marbles to place in the jar, I was worried there wouldn’t be that many marbles to begin with. I was surprised to see that I do have “quite” a few weeks left! Taking one marble out on Saturday gives me the feeling of urgency in accomplishing the things I want to accomplish in my life. This urgency was also brought out when I read the book 20,000 days and counting by Robert D. Smith, the business manager for Andy Andrews. I anticipate every Saturday to come and I think the marbles will help remind me that time is precious and that we all have to be conscious of that fact.

About Rune Reppenhagen

Rune Reppenhagen is a native Norwegian who lives in Texas. He grew up in Norway and moved to the US to go to college in South Dakota in 1991. After a few moves back and forth between US and Norway, he has now lived in the US since 1996. Currently he lives in Austin, Texas and works for Emerson Process Management as a Product Marketing Manager.
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